Some days ago I switched on my laptop, which has Vista Home Premium, as usual and noticed that C drive is not opening when I double clicked. Instead of displaying the content of the drive,”Open With” dialog was displayed. The strange thing was when I right clicked the drive and choose Explore, the drive opened normally .. Actually, this problem is not specific to C drive but can occur in any drive. The problem was resolved aftersome research. If you are also facing same problem then you can fix the same by using a very small but useful program called FixDrive. You can download this program from for FREE :). For some information, this utility works only for Windows® XP and Windows® Vista Operating Systems.

Below are the steps  which you need to follow after downloading the program :
•Unzip the file and extract the contents (FixDrive.exe and readme.txt) to a folder
•Double FixDrive.exe to run it
•Select the drive-letter from the list that’s exhibiting the problem
•Click Fix




If the problem apears again after you restart your system then please run athorough scan for Malware using a good antivirus and antispyware.