Image C902

Image C902

Today I had been to one of mobile phone showroom near my house and had taken a look at Sony Ericsson C902. At first glance itself the phone seems quite attractive to me. Now coming to some details :

1) The set is slim with an Overall weight of 107gm. I personally like slim phones therefore would appreciate the make. Keypad consist of square shaped keys which looks soothing to eyes and enables fast typing. Its a quality handset with
   a combination of metal and plastic which gives it an elegant finish.

2) Coming to its camera,I would say that the set is equipped with a beast with 5 MP  physique with auto-focus, image stabiliser and flash. The camera resides beneath the sliding cover. As all of us are well aware of auto-focus technology, the same applies here also. As soon as you switch to camera mode and try to take a pic, it automatically focus on the face. I am not too sure how much helpful is image stabiliser because I am not too happy with the image stabiliser in my digital camera itself 🙂 . It also has an Accelerometer which automatically switch the picture in portrait or landscape mode depending on how the handset is held.  To move between modes, simply rotate the phone. The handset is also equipped with LED flash which will be handy while taking pictures in dim light.  BestPic™ functionality allows you to take 9 pictures with a singly click of the camera.

3) Coming to its screen,I would say that it seems a bit small to me. Probably because of the touch sensitive shortcuts which are present on both side of the screen. You can use these shortcuts to change the autofocus mode, activate the camera, switch between still and video etc. These shortcuts are really handy for changing various settings.
4) Coming to storage part, the set has an internal memory of 160MB(which is quite huge) and Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) card support which can be upgraded to 4GB.

5) Connectivityis also good with the support of Bluetooth and USB.

In the end, considering all the features, I would say that Sony Ericsson has come up with a good hand set but I personally feel that sony phones have a problem of suddenly hanging(screen freezes) just like windows :). I am not sure if this aspect has been improved or not in C902 but surely needs to work upon.

Last but not the least, you can own SE C902 by paying Rs 16000 here in Bangalore.