What will you do in case you loose all of your data. There are are a number of ways in which data on your hard disk can be lost. For example, hard disk crash, physical damage to your computer because of bad handling or how about a fire.There are several means by which one may backup data. Storage media such as external hard disk drives, USB fash drives, thumb drives and optical discs which are usually used. A latest and popular option woud be a Blue Ray disc that can hold upto 50GB of data. It would be geat to archive or backup entire hard disk but we need to conside the benefit of backing up only critical data. For example important e mail messages, financial recirds, official documents address books etc. Actually, sometimes you want to restore only small number of files. Additionally, data only backups takes a lot less time as compare to full system backups. For this, you can opt for online backup.This has an advantage that you can access your backuped up data any time and from anywher. Onliine backup services like IDrive(http://www.idrive.com/) and MozyHome (http://mozy.com/) offer 2GB of freestorage. and the option of upgrading to unlimited storage for $ 4.95 (Rs 250) a month.But, 2GB space should be enough for most of us. So, start backing up your critial data.