If you have multiple Gmail accounts and you want to login into google talk(Gtalk) with 2 or more accounts simultaneously then??? Well, by default  google talk doesn’t allow multiple sessions. You need to log out of one account and then login by using the other one.  But, we can overcome this limitation by using a parameter. Below are the steps to insert this parameter at the right place to enable opening of multiple session of google talk :

1) Go to ‘Windows Start menu’.

2) ‘Programs’ –> ‘Google talk’ –> Right click on ‘Google talk’ —> ‘Copy’.

3) Now, right click on ‘Desktop’—> ‘Paste shortcut’.

4) Right click on ‘Google talk’ shortcut. Now,  just replace parameter /startmenu with /nomutex as shown below :

Gtalk mulsession


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Thats it friends. Now, you can double click this shortcut multiple times to open multipul sessions of google talk.

Stay tuned for more.