Friends, Land Rover S1 is the name given to Sonim’s latest mobile. But, how Land Rover is associated with Sonim’s mobile? Well,  because its a collaboration between Land Rover and Sonim,the maker of rugged mobile phones.  Below is a snap. Well, it looks reeeally  tough. Its been already launched in UK and one can own it somewhere between £225 to £250.

land-rover-s1-by-sonim                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            They claims that its’ S1 handset is the ‘World’s Strongest Phone’ and considering all of the hardships it made it through, it is hard to disagree. The mobile phone is equipped with a 2MP camera, FM Radio, an Opera browser for viewing mobile sites, bluetooth and an extra loud ring tone for use in extremely noisy environments.

Now coming to its toughness, it can withstand temperatures in the range of -20 to 55 degree Celsius, be submerged in water to a depth of 1 meter and can survive  a fall from 8 feet height on hard surface.  It also has more than 1500 hours of standby time and 18 hours of talk time.  It is made up of hardened plastic which is water, petrol and oil resistant.  This is covered with a hardened rubber allowing the phone to withstand drops. S1 can also tolerate 400KG of weight and Land Rovers have been driven over it to prove the point.  To match with the phone’s sturdy built, the widely-spaced buttons on the keypad are also tough and have been tested to over 500,000 pushes.

Well, as we all know that Actions speak louder than words, then why not to see some action. Take a look at below video from youtube.

So, wanna buy one? :). Yep,  why not. It’ll enable you to make calls even after interplanetary colliosion involving earth, if at all someone survive to receive your call :).

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