Friends, we may think that we can easily backup any mails data by just forwarding the mails to some other mail id. But, how about a situation when there are 500 or 1000 mails to be backed up? One solution of this problem is enabling POP3 access in your Gmail and using a mail client like Microsoft Outlook to download all the mails.

The other solution is to use a desktop application(or mail client) called Gmail Backup. Just install it and start backing up your Gmail. This also has an option of restoring backed  up mails at later point of time if you want. The screen shot is below :


                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The application itself is very simple to use. As shown above, you just need to mention your Gmail id and password and click on ‘Backup’. Once you click on ‘Backup’, the application establish a connection to your gmail account and backs up the mails in default location(Backup folder  C:\Program Files\GmailBackup\messages\da\LC_MESSAGES). You can change the backup location as per your requirement. 

There ae two very important points about which you need to take care before you start backup.  Following are the same :

1) Make sure that your antivirus software/firewall doesn’t block Gmail Backup from connecting to internet.

2) You need to enable IMAP access in your gmail account. For this, login into gmail->Click on ‘Settings’-> Click ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP-‘> ‘Enable IMAP’->’Save changes’.

You can download the application from Download Gmail Backup for Windows ,  Download Gmail Backup for Linux.  For more details on Gmail backup you can take a look at Gmail-Backup.

Stay tuned for more.