Friends, all of you must be having the collection of some nice MP3 songs. You must have put quite a lot of effort in downloading the songs from online stores, ripping them from CD and collecting from other sources :). At times you find that volume levels of the songs is not consistent. Obviously because you have got them from different sources as mentioned above. Now a big question : How to correct/equalize the volume level?

Fortunately there is a free utility called as MP3Gain with the help of which you can correct the volume level of your MP3 songs.  You can download this from Download MP3Gain. If the download doesn’t start automatically then just click on ‘Direct link’ in below  statement

‘Problems with the download? Please use this direct link or try another mirror’ which is present on the download web page.

Once you download MP3Gain, just install by double clicking the setup. It won’t take more that 30 seconds to install. Now we are ready to use it for out MP3 songs. Below is the screen shot of MP3Gain :


Now we are ready to optimize the volume level of a song.  You can add one single track or entire folder by clicking on ‘Add files’ and ‘Add folder’ buttton on the toolbar respectively. Suppose you select a single MP3 song. Now you can :

1) Analyse it by clicking on ‘Track analysis’. This will analyze each file in the file list and calculate the file’s volume level. I personally prefer 90 Db but you can set whatever value you prefer.  Once you click on ‘Track analysis’, it will show output as shown below :

Track analysis                                                                        

Here ‘Track Gain’ (value -1.5) is the difference between the current volume(91.4Db)  and the ‘Target Volume’.

2) Just click ‘Track Gain’ and the track’s volume will be adjusted to what you have mentioned in  ‘Target Volume’.

Its done.

For some more information, MP3 gain only modify metadata of each file so that music software and portable players know what the volume should be. It doesn not alter the actual music.

See, how easy it is.  Now the song’s volume level is set to 90Db and you can enjoy your favourite music at your preferred sound level.

Stay tuned for more.