Friends, now a days word Google is synonymous to word search engine.  I think this will soon become official and would be included in dictionary :).

Well, now coming to our topic. Well, you all  must be using Google a lot for your daily search about various topics. Today, I am writing about how to make your search results more  relevant and streamlined. You just need to need take care of below points to achieve good results.

1) Use operators in your search terms : These are some symbols which if included in your search term would give you very good results. Below are some examples. Operators are in blue colour.

Search term                               Find pages containing                                                       

Computer Virus                           the words Computer and Virus

Computer OR Virus                     either of the word Computer or Virus

tech2know mobile phone      the exact phrase tech2know mobile phone

There are a number of operators. You can take a look at all of then in Google cheat sheet.

2) Use Advanced image search to find wallpapers which are exactly of the size of your desktop : At times you want to search for wallpapers for your desktop but the resulting wallpapers doesn’t fit on your desktop. Well, solution is already mentioned in this points heading. The procedure is also quite simple.

Go to –> Click on ‘Advanced image search’ –> Click on ‘Use my desktop size’. 

3) Use Google Squared to get results in a grid or spread sheet format : Take a look at Google Squared for more information.

4) Use Any time option to  find pages according to time when they were published : Sometimes you search for a term and are more interested in the pages, say that were published in the past 24 hours or past week. So, just use this option. Below are screen shots.

Here I have searched for ‘term ‘Computer hardware’.

*On the search result page, click on ‘Show options’.

Show options

*Afterwards you can choose specific pages which were published in Past 24 hours, Past week or Past year.


Thats it for now.

Stay tuned for more.