At times you don’t even know that a friend of yours has blocked you in Yahoo, MSN or AIM messenger. Now we have a web based tool that can help us in finding the fact :). Following is the simple trick :

For yahoo messenger :

Just go to It asks for yahoo user id as shown below. 

Yahoo block                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Well, what are you waiting for :) . Fill the text box with yahoo user id of the person and click on ‘Check’. If Yahoo block checker shows that your friend is online but he/she appears offline in your messenger window then it means that you are blocked. Remember that if your friend is invisible then Yahoo block checker will show the person as offline.

Similarly, go to and to find if your friend has blocked you in MSN and Aim messenger respectively.  Therefore you cannot use these tools to find if your friend is invisible or really offline.

You might be interested in finding if your friend is really offline or just invisible in Yahoo messenger.  For this just take a look at my earlier post How to find invisible users in Yahoo Messenger.

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