Friends, system hangs are quite frequent as we all tend to open a number of applications simultaneously. This generally happens when we run some CPU intensive aplications that too simultaneously. At this instance of time the system becomes too busy that all the attention of CPU goes to the resource eating applications and our clicks and key presses are handled much later or not at all, giving you no chance to interact with the system. Well, this is hanginging of system or simply  system hang.

At this particular time we generally do following :

1) Wait for some time hoping that system will respond. At times this works but some time it doesn’t.

2) If step 1 doesn’t work then we have to go for the ultimate option called as ALT+CTRL+DELETE which allows shows task manager wherein you can see which programs are consuming all the CPU time and systems resources. Afterwards, you just select the processes which are consuming lots of resources and terminate them. Well, if this works then its celebration time

3) But at times system is so busy that even the task manager will not help you. Then, there are bright chances that you press the reset button of your machine for a reboot.This is where AntiFreeze offers a solution.

 AntiFreeze is a utility which is very light on the system in terms of consuming resources and remain all the time in system tray. It remains there untill or unless you press the hotkey combination (ALT+CTRL+WIN+HOME by default). It is recommended to use it only in emergency situations. Better consider it an alternative for the reset button.

AntiFreeze is absolutely free for non-commercial use and you can download it from Download AntiFreeze. Installaion is just a matter of clicking ‘Next’ few times. AntiFreeze requires a PC running one of Windows Vista, XP Service Pack 2, Server 2003 Service Pack 2 both 32 and 64 bit versions of all the three, says Resplendence.

Working  :

As soon as you press the hotkey combination of AntiFreeze, AntiFreeze will suspend most of the running programs so  as to free up system resources. Afterwards, a special type of task manager will appear  which is just like Windows task manager wherein you can see which process is consuming a lot of resources. If a program has consumed lots of CPU time it is an indication it may have been responsible for System Hang. You can terminate the program by clicking the ‘End Process’ button.

Following is screen of AntiFreeze which appear when you press hot key combination ALT+CTRL+WIN+HOME. It’ll take some time for this screen to appear because the time is taken by AntiFreeze to suspends the processes.



Just select the process and click on ‘End process’ for termination the process or click on ‘Exit’ for exiting AntiFreeze.

Stay tuned for more.