Rediffmail added some new features. I personally feel that the features were neededin Rediffmail for quite some time. Following are the same :

1) Inbox updates itself automatically : New mails are pulled automatically and shown in your mailbox, you don’t have to refresh your mailbox now and then. 

2) Dramatically lesser SPAM : New technology is being used to control the SPAM. Now, you can click on report spam button if you receive a mail which you consider SPAM.

 3) Auto suggest email IDs : While writing mails you don’t have to remember the email IDs of your contacts, Rediffmail automatically suggests you the matching IDs of contacts you’ve sent mails to.

4) Mails you compose are autosaved: While you’re writing a mail, we automatically save your mail to the drafts folder. This copy is automatically deleted as soon as you send the mail. 

5) Attach multiple files effortlessly : Select files one after the other and queue them for upload. While the files get attached you can continue writing your mail.

6) Quick delete option : Simply click on the cross (x) icon to the right of the mail you want to delete. You can also select mails and press “Delete” button on your keyboard. You can retrieve the deleted mails from the trash folder.

7) Simply click and download all attachments at once: With a single click you can choose to download all the attachments you’ve received in a mail.

8 ) Stay updated on your friends’ activites: Receive updates on friends activities on Orkut, Linked In and other social networks.

9) Consolidate all your email IDs at one place You can choose to pull the mails sent to your other email accounts like Yahoo! Mail or Gmail in your Rediffmail Inbox. You will also be able to send mails using those IDs.


Stay tuned for more.