Kaspersky Lab announces that its latest personal product, Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, has achieved a top result in testing conducted by Matousec-Transparent Security, a respected test laboratory.The new integrated solution released by Kaspersky Lab in the end of June in the European region passed its very first testing with flying colours. In a series of tests carried out by Matousec-Transparent Security, the product reached the top level of 10+, which corresponds to the “excellent” protection status. The solution achieved a top score (96% over 84 tests) among the Internet security products tested.
The impressive success of Kaspersky Lab’s flagship product was accomplished by two of the main protection components included in Kaspersky Internet Security 2010: the activity filtering (HIPS) module and the firewall.
Analyses conducted by Matousec-Transparent Security are among the most technologically advanced of all existing tests. Products are tested at several consecutive levels. To move on to the next level, an application must achieve at least 50% at the current level. The highest possible test result is level 10+, which means that all the ten testing levels were passed successfully.


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