Forget about searching songs by exploring various websites one by one or may be 2 or 3 simultaneously :). Here comes an excellent application called Nexus Radio to relieve you from this headache.

Nexus Radio is a free all-in-one application for all of your music needs. Search and download over 15 million songs directly to your PC, or listen to and record over 10,000+ radio stations free of charge! You can play downloaded songs directly within Nexus Radio, or transfer songs to your iPod/iPhone or any other multimedia device effortlessly. In addition to a library of rich music content, Nexus Radio is also loaded with additional free easy to use music tools. Create custom ringtones using the built in music trimmer, or use the Nexus Radio ID3 tag editor to easily tag your music files. Users can also create a custom profile and take advantage of the other many free services we offer. You can upload photos, create personal blogs, establish groups, and post events all for free. Version 4.0 adds a redesigned GUI, improved music search engine, thousands of new radio stations, and improved network stability, as described at its website.  Below is a screen shot/Image of Nexus Radio. Nexus Radio has been designed to be fully compatible with Windows® Vista/XP/2000/2003 machines and is not compatible with any other Windows® operating systems. You can download Nexus Radio from here.

Nexus Radio

Once you install the application, you need to register by creating a free account(as shown in the screen shot). Once the account creation is complete you can start using it. The interface is user friendly which makes it very easy to use. Below is the screenshot/image of Nexus Radio which will appear after the completion account creation. Just write a few words of the song which you want to search in ‘Search’ box and press ‘Enter’. The results will be listed on the right hand side. To play a song, just double click on it. If you want to download a song then click on ‘Save song’ button. Want to listen to some radio stations, well just click on ‘Stations’ button on the menu bar and enjoy.


Thats it for now friends.

Stay tuned for more.