If you’re switching to Gmail from another email provider, importing contacts and messages from your old email account can help you make the transition without having to do a bunch of housekeeping. Below is the procedure :

1) Login into your Gmail account.

2) Click the Settings link.

3) Click on Accounts and Import tab and then on Import mails and contacts as shown below :

Import in Gmail                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

4)  In the newly opened window, mention the account from where you want to import mails and contacts and click on ‘Continue’.


5) On asking for the password, provide the password of the account from where you are importing and click on ‘Continue’.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           6) Select the check boxes as per your requirement and click on ‘Start import’.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            7) Your contacts and/or messages will be imported. It may take 24-48 hours before you see your imported messages, so don’t worry if they’re not there as soon as you click OK. You can check the status of your import by clicking the Accounts and Importstab on the Settings page. Once the import is complete, you’ll see a confirmation message at the top of your inbox.




Below is the list of supported email providers as given at Gmail’s help.

  • aol.com
  • aol.fr
  • clear.net.nz
  • cox.net
  • comcast.net
  • cs.com
  • earthlink.net
  • freenet.de
  • freeserve.co.uk
  • gmx.at
  • gmx.ch
  • gmx.de
  • gmx.net
  • hotmail.com
  • hotmail.co.uk
  • hotmail.de
  • hotmail.fr
  • Ihug.co.nz
  • juno.com
  • laposte.net
  • live.com
  • mail.ru
  • msn.com
  • netscape.com
  • netzero.com
  • neuf.fr
  • optonline.net
  • optusnet.com.au
  • orange.fr
  • orangehome.co.uk
  • orcon.net.nz
  • paradise.net.nz
  • rr.com
  • slingshot.co.nz
  • sprint.ca
  • sympatico.ca
  • tiscali.co.uk
  • verizon.net
  • voila.fr
  • wanadoo.co.uk
  • wanadoo.fr
  • web.de
  • worldnet.att.net
  • yahoo.com
  • yahoo.co.uk
  • yahoo.co.in
  • yandex.ru                  

    This new feature is available in all newly created accounts and is being slowly rolled out to all existing ones. It may take some time before this feature is available in all the existing account.You’ll know it’s on for your account when you see the Accounts and Import tab (formerly just called Accounts) under Settings.

    Stay tuned for more.