It is only some time ago Google launched Google services for websites. For example, Google webmaster tool which help you understand site traffic, Google Custom and Site search which helps you in adding search functionality on your webiste in no time etc. The features help you to drive traffic to your websites, enhance your sites and improve user retention.

Now, Google has added three new tools to above set of existing ones and I am pretty sure that these are going to prove very useful to the site owners in terms of monitoring and enhancing their website. Below are the same as mentioned at official Google’s blog :

1) Web Elements allows your customers to enhance their websites with the ease of cut-and-paste. Webmasters can provide maps, real-time news, calendars, presentations, spreadsheets and YouTube videos on their sites. With the Conversation Element, websites can create more engagement with their communities. The Custom Search Element provides inline search over your own site (or others you specify) without having to write any code and various options to customize further.

2) Page Speed allows webmasters to measure the performance of their websites. Snappier websites help users find things faster; the recommendations from these latency tools allow hosters and webmasters to optimize website speed. These techniques can help hosters reduce resource use and optimize network bandwidth.

3) The Tips for Hosters page offers a set of tips for hosters for creating a richer website hosting platform. Hosters can improve the convenience and accessibility of tools, while at the same time saving platform costs and earning referral fees. Tips include the use of analytics tools such as Google Analytics to help webmasters understand their traffic and linguistic tools such as Google Translate to help websites reach a broader audience.

Do take advantage of the tools. If you are already using all or any of them then do share your experience.

Stay tuned for more.